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Activist Ideas

MY ACTIVIST  Idea would be to take prostitutes of the road  , we could help them to get a profession, it would give them a chance in live !

Or mindset has been programmed to think small of oneself .

Deus know your rights movement is discovering the beauty of us all!

Wake up you sleeping beauties and join in to live your dream

look at yourself and ask do I really  want to be normal?

Being normal made me sick !

We also have to change the mental institutions around the Globe!

It should be a sanctuary not a prison .

psychiatric drugs need to be taken off the counter and replaced with the wisdom of natural remedies .


It makes me sad that I was labeled and completely misunderstood  .

I am thinking of campaign against  Psychiatric drugs companies to get compensation for the victims of judgment and labels .

Doctors ignorance  and there drugs , has caused so many  great minds to give up there life,  including me ( with out succsess as you can see )

By taking away judgment and labels we would start to make a real difference to society .

We would also save so much money by doing so !