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Courier cuts was founded in London


My love for Motorbikes and cutting hair,created bliss in my life ,I felt free and independent .


Moved to New Zealand for love and to raise a family I loved New Zealand very much until I got introduced to the mental  health , they where as healthy as a injection of Heroin . I been forced by the  mental  health act to take psychiatric drugs , I have learned that there was everything wrong the way they handled an Individual, In fact I became a label .

That had no meaning to me dose not even run in family.

.My  name became bipolar whats yours ?…….. no idea why????? because I always was happy ????….. until I had no control over my health and I was  injected meds for being elevated is that so bad to feel good???? I am so lucky to still be alive .

The mantel health  is run by ignorance  . So many have been killed by the psychiatric drugs.

Thats why  I will make a feature film out of it ! so they can see there stupid behaviour!!! injustice by ignoreance